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Alloy Type:

Blue Demon Hardcover 490 is a self-fluxing, high nickel torch alloy producing an extremely hard non-machinable overlay. Enriched micro-structure of deposits (borides, carbides and silicides) provide extremely high resistance to any combination of friction, abrasion, compressive loading, heat and corrosion.


Typical Applications:

  • Overlay screws, auger coils of all types requiring high hardness as deposited
  • Build up wear plates, guides, furnace parts, heat treating baskets, cams and bolt heads
  • Ideal edge for industrial knives and tools such as: sugar cane blades, de-barker tools, paper and textile cutters as well as other parts that require good edge retention characteristics

Typical Mechanical Properties:

Deposits are hard and non-machinable,  RC 55-62

Welding Current & Instructions:

Recommended Current:               DC Straight (-) (TIG)

Neutral flame (Oxy-acetylene)

Welding Techniques:  Clean area to be overlayed, removing all oxides and other surface contaminants. Adjust oxy-acetylene torch to neutral and begin depositing alloy drop by drop. (If base metal is high in chromium, employ 2x carburizing flame as bead progresses). Alloy is completely self-fluxing and can be melted and re-melted without loss of properties.

For TIG application, use DC straight polarity and a long arc technique.

Application Temperature Range: 1300-1600 degrees

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