Welding Material Sales was founded in 1978 by William C. DePaul, who was involved primarily in the sale and distribution of specialized welding consumables.

In 1984, Mr. DePaul saw a growing need for small spools of welding wire. These spools would later be used with the new MIG welders that were being introduced into the US market via Italy. An all out effort was organized to design the production equipment that would enable the company to produce and sell these spools. Welding Material Sales soon grew to become one of the major suppliers of the MIG small spooled welding wire and further expanded their facility in 1989 to meet the growing demands of the economy (for this product). In 1992 Welding Material Sales built a 7,500 sq ft addition. This new building allowed the company to introduce a new product line of manual electrodes and TIG welding wire. In addition to the new product line, the company developed a Point of Purchase display that would be sold in the welding distributor market for their retail store operations.

In 1998 another 8,500 sq. ft. expansion was needed to meet the companies growing demands.  Welding Material Sales has grown to become one of the largest independent suppliers of retail packaged welding consumables. Today, the company employs over 40 people, 80% of whom are production personnel. Welding Material Sales is committed to providing quality service to all its customers and prepares to continue its growth by maintaining all levels of customer satisfaction.

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