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Alloy Type:

HardCover 480 (HC480) is a joining and
cladding electrode for manganese steel that
can be flame cut. Commonly used in the repair
of rail equipment and construction equipment
manufactured of manganese steel. The
microstructure of this alloy in the as-deposited
condition consists of a soft manganese alloy
austenite which rapidly work hardens under
impact loading.
Note – Clean base metal of oils and fatigued
sections, and do not allow weld interpass
temperature to exceed 500°F.

Typical Applications
• Ideal for railroad frogs, switches, crossings
and for wear plates, bucket teeth, bucket
lips, and associated manganese steel parts.
Also recommended for sheep foot tampers,
hammers, crushers, and a variety of parts
designated to resist impact.

AWS Classification


Welding Current


Typical wire chemistry

(As Welded)
C 0.6
Ni 3.65
Mn 16
Si 0.08
S 0.01
P 0.015
Cr 3.75

Typical Mechanical Properties

(As Welded)
Tensile strength, ksi 116
Elongation%, min 38
Work hardness 41 – 54 Rc

Welding Positions


Available Diameters and suggested
Operating Range in Amps

1/8″ 90 – 125
5/32″ 125 – 170

3/16″ 160 – 225



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