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ERTi- 5 (formerly 6AL/4V) is a TIG, MIG and submerged arc filler metal used for welding 6% aluminum-4% vanadium alloys.  The weld deposits of this alloy exhibit high fatigue strength, toughness, ductility and are heat treatable.  Widely used in the cryogenic, petrochemical and aircraft industry.  Aircraft uses would include the airframes; turbine engine parts such as the blades, discs, wheels and spacer rings.  Other applications would include industrial fans, pressure vessels, compressor blades and rocket motor cases.


AWS Class: ERTi-5 Certification:        AWS A5.16/A5.16M:2007
Alloy:  ERTi-5 ASME SFA A5.16


Welding Current See below


Tensile Strength, kpsi: 130
Yield Strength, kpsi: 120
Elongation %: 10



Typical Wire Chemistry as per AWS A5.16

(single values are maximum)

0.05 0.12-0.20 0.03 0.015 0.22 5.5-6.75 3.5-4.5


Typical Welding Parameters
Diameter Welding Current/Process Volt Amps Shielding Gas
in (mm)
 1/16  (1.6) GTAW/DCEN with EWTh-2 truncated conical tip 9-12 100-185  Argon (cfh)
 3/32  (2.4) GTAW/DCEN with EWTh-2 truncated conical tip 11-15 150-250  Argon (cfh)
 1/8  (3.2) GTAW/DCEN with EWTh-2 truncated conical tip 11-15 200-375  Argon (cfh)
 .030  (0.8) GMAW/DCEP Short Circuit 16-20 100-195  Ar&Ar+He (cfh)
 .035  (2.4) GMAW/DCEP Short Circuit 18-27 165-285  Ar&Ar+He (cfh)
 .045  (1.2) GMAW/DCEP Short Circuit 31-35 250-360  Ar&Ar+He (cfh)



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