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Alloy Type:

Alloy ERCOCR-A is recommended for cases where wear is accompanied by elevated temperatures and where corrosion is involved, or both.  Cobalt alloys are inherently good for resisting metal-to-metal wear, particularly in high load situations that are prone to galling.


Typical Applications:

Automotive and fluid flow valves

Chain saw guides

Hot punches

Shear blades

Extruder screws


AWS Specification


AWS Classification ERCOCR-A

Welding Current DC

Typical Wire Chemistry

C 0.9-1.4

Mn 1.0

Si 2.0

Cr 26-32

Ni 3.0

Mo 1.0

Fe 3.0

W 3.0-6.0

Co Rem

OTHER 0.50

Typical Mechanical Properties

(As Welded)

Yield Strength: Castings 101.5 ksi, Cobalt HS-6 109 ksi

Tensile Strength: Castings 123 ksi, Cobalt HS-6 183.5 ksi

Elongation%:  Castings <1, Cobalt HS-6 3-5

Typical Hardness for multilayer welds, 23-47 HRC

Welding Positions

Mig:  Flat

Tig:  All


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