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ENiFe-Cl (Nickel 55)

Alloy Type:

ENiFe-CI Nickel 55 welding electrode is designed for welding gray iron castings to themselves as well as joining them to mild steel.  It can also be used to repair castings.  The welds are moderately hard and require carbide tipped tools for post weld machining.  A preheat and interpass temperature of not less than 350⁰F is recommended during welding.


AWS Class: ENiFe-CI Certification:         AWS A5.15/A5.15-90 (R2006)
Alloy:  ENiFe-CI ASME SFA A5.15


Welding Position:   F, V, OH, H Current:



Tensile Strength, ksi: 84
Yield Strength, ksi: 59
Elongation in 2”%: 8



Typical Wire Chemistry as per AWS A5.15 (single values are maximum)

C Mn Si S Fe Ni+ incidental Cobalt Cu + incidental Silver AL Other
2.0 2.5 4.0 0.03 Remainder 45-60 2.5 1.0 1.0



Typical Welding Parameters
Diameter Process Amps Shielding Gas
in (mm)
3/32” 2.4 GMAW 70-90 98% Argon/2% Oxygen
1/8” 3.2 GMAW 100-135 98% Argon/2% Oxygen
5/32” 4 GMAW 130-180 98% Argon/2% Oxygen
3/16” 4.8 GMAW 190-220 98% Argon/2% Oxygen

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