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ECoCr-B (Cobalt 12)

Alloy Type:

ECoCr-B Cobalt Alloy 12 could be considered an intermediate alloy between Cobalt Alloy 6 and Cobalt Alloy 1.  It contains a higher fraction of hard, brittle carbides than Cobalt Alloy 6, and has increased resistance to low-angle erosion, abrasion, and severe sliding wear while retaining reasonable impact and cavitation resistance.  Cobalt Alloy 12 is often used self-mated or running against Cobalt Alloy 6 or 1.  The higher tungsten content provides better high-temperature properties compared to Cobalt Alloy 6, and it can be used at temperatures up to about 700⁰C.  Cobalt Alloy 12 is typically used for cutting tools that need to withstand abrasion, heat and corrosion.


Typical Applications:   chain saw bars; saw teeth; extrusion dies


AWS Class:    ECoCr-B Certification:   AWS A5.13/A5.13M:2010
Alloy:  ECoCr-B ASME SFA A5.13


Welding Position:

F, V, OH, H




Tensile Strength, kpsi: *NS
Yield Strength, kpsi: *NS
Elongation %: *NS


*NS Not Specified




Typical Wire Chemistry as per AWS A5.13 (single values are maximum)

C Mn Si Cr Ni Mo Fe W Co Other
1.0-1.7 2.0 2.0 25-32 3.0 1.0 5.0 7.0-9.5 Rem 1.0




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