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E8018-C1 is a high quality electrode designed for applications of 2%-4% nickel deposits.  The outstanding characteristics of this electrode provide good puddle control with excellent wetting action and tie in.  This electrode offers good arc characteristics and easy slag removal.  This electrode offers resistance to moisture reabsorption, helps retard hydrogen cracking and aids in elimination of starting porosity.  Definitely a preferred electrode with high operator appeal.


Typical Applications:  shipbuilding, storage tanks, piping and tanks used in storage of gases


AWS Class: E8018-C1 H4 Certification:   AWS A5.5/A5.5M:2006
Alloy:  E8018-C1 ASME SFA A5.5


Welding Position:   F, V, OH, H Current:



Tensile Strength, kpsi:  80
Yield Strength, kpsi: 67
Elongation in 2” ( %): 19



Typical Wire Chemistry as per AWS A5.5 (single values are maximum)

C Mn Si P S Ni
0.12 1.25 0.80 0.03 0.03 2.00-2.75


Typical Welding Parameters
Diameter Process Amps
in (mm)
 3/32  (2.4) SMAW 70-110
 1/8  (3.2) SMAW 90-160
 5/32  (4.0) SMAW 130-220
 3/16  (4.8) SMAW 200-300


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