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Alloy Type:

8000 chamfer electrode is designed for
cutting, gouging and/or beveling all metals
including stainless steels, aluminums and
copper. It has excellent re-strike capability,
the cut is smooth and uniform, and the slag
practically falls off. It operates on DC straight
polarity and requires high current. 8000 is
excellent for the removal of stainless steel
joints and overlays. No oxygen is required.

Typical Applications
• Removing unwanted or defective weld metal
• Preparing parts prior to welding
• Removing risers and reducing large areas
of metal prior to machining

Welding Current

(Electrode Negative, Straight Polarity)

Typical Wire Chemistry

Welding Positions


Available Diameters and suggested
Operating Range in Amps

3/32″ 100 – 170
1/8″ 170 – 250
5/32″ 220 – 330
3/16″ 300 – 450


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