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Alloy Type:

6000 is a universal aluminum electrode for
arc welding aluminum alloys. The arc is
stable and operates at low temperatures
with a minimum of spatter and fuming.
The welds are strong, dense and free of
porosity on both production and maintenance
applications. 6000 is a great choice when
welding heat-treated aluminum parts. This
rod may also be used in brazing applications.

Welding Current

DCEP (Reverse Polarity)

Typical Wire Chemistry


Typical Mechanical Properties

(As Welded)
Yield Strength, ksi 20
Tensile Strength, ksi 34
Elongation%, min 18

Welding Positions

F, H

Available Diameters and suggested
Operating Range in Amps

5/64″ 20 – 60
3/32″ 50 – 80
1/8″ 70 – 120
5/32″ 110 – 150

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