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Alloy Type:

5000 rod can be used to weld a variety
of ductile, nodular and malleable cast irons
to themselves or for joining cast irons to steel.
It produces a dense, moderately hard,
crack-resistant weld that requires carbidetipped
tools for machining. This electrode is
recommended when the post weld deposit
does not need machining. Containing
approximately 60% nickel, this rod is
ideally suited for the repair of meehanite
dies. Note, the flux coating on this rod
does NOT contain barium, reducing
hazardous fumes.

Welding Current


Typical Wire Chemistry

Typical Mechanical Properties

(As Welded)
Yield Strength, ksi 49
Tensile Strength, ksi 70
Elongation%, min 20
Brinell hardness

Rockwell B hardness 88 – 90

Welding Positions


Available Diameters and suggested
Operating Range in Amps

3/32″ 50 – 80
1/8″ 70 – 110
5/32″ 100 – 140
3/16″ 130 – 175


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